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A layout for designers, developers and companies to create websites for show casing their products

Rich Text Editor

Simple Text Editor No Knowledge on how to program needed. Want to customize your placement advertisements or media syndication ads, choose the preferred program most industry leaders use for 25% of the cost.

Social Media Marketing

Tired of writing different post for your social media statuses, let our company use integration that will auto post for you blasting you out to groups, media outlets and submitting your content to shakers of your preferred industry.

Advance Photo Tagging

Digital Meta Tagging For Best Optimization Results on Multi-Search Engines Across The Worldwide Web.

Browser Compatible

Have your placement advertisements, media, articles and much more syndicated using cross domain technology submission.

"Beautiful design made simple with the power of Page Builder's pre-built layouts"


We pride our team at UMG in helping establish musicians / artists through the multitude of outlets apart of our collective from Venue Locations to Radio Station Interviews, Artist Management, Web Design & Development, Musician Bookings, Branding & Merchandising and much more. Our team works on your behalf to make it our duty to market you to get maximum exposure to the masses of fans and new fans abroad. Want guidance that you can rely on with professional consultation, UMG provides that with certified resources and outlet channels. frontsidecard 


UMG is an establish talent scout firm that gets many opportunities for our clients with roles in commercials, movies, web series, advertisements and much more. Our goal is to make your dreams come true with our insider scoops on casting calls, network meet ups with renowned movie directors and film entertainment industry power shakers. Let us represent you for the best part of your life... Were a source that can lead the path so why not take the step toward the red carpet! frontsidecard


In the car business UMG and Car Dealer Now collective has become the car specialist network of the future with advance web technology and platform re engineering of Geo-fencing optimizing the world wide web with content media of automobiles in Fords Magazine, Chevy Magazine, Aircooled Magazine, Drives Magazine and while running more then 2,000 car site design developments, We've become the pinnacle of cars in digital priding ourselves with the number one independent powerhouse years in advance of the current digital car market in sales leads and design development. frontsidecard


In the glamour see the beauty feel the intense heat as our fashion agency books you for the spot light. Magazine feature spreads, brand ambassador sponsorship events, calendar spreads, venue hosts to celeb engagements, our agency guides you and provides a look of professionalism with an established media press kit portfolio time-lining your growth in fashion. Many clothing companies use our models who look to better there exposure and get feature to the masses. We are a company that caters to all business inquires. frontsidecard


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